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Pug Breeders

Specialist in Purebred Pug Puppies

Welcome dog lovers! We are Pugs & Kisses and we are more than just Pug breeders, we are pet specialists. What that means, is that we love what we do and we are good at it. That is good news for anyone looking for purebred Pug puppies because at Pugs & Kisses - we love our Pugs.

Yes, we are Pug breeders, and yes, we have litters of amazing, beautiful, and precious purebred Pug puppies. That is the good news. The bad news, however, is also good news. The demand for Pugs and Pug puppies is big, very big. So while that means that the dog-loving Pug community is all about their Pugs, it also means that getting your own Pug or Pug puppy may require a little patience.

If you are ready to adopt your own amazing Pug, then we would love to talk to you. As you might expect, the quicker you act the better your chances of getting a puppy from the next litter, or of being able to adopt one. At Pugs & Kisses, we also care as much about our puppies and we do our customers. That means we want to make sure that you are right for a Pug and that one of our puppies is right for you!

So get your reservation in and get a spot, and let us have a chat about being a Pug owner. If you have experience with these incredible canines, then all the better. Welcome aboard and thanks for loving Pugs & Kisses as much as we do!

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